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September 2013, New York, USA

2013 NTD 4th Global Han Couture Design Competition Rules and Regulations

Download "NTD Fourth Global Han Couture Design Competition - Rules and Regulations" (PDF, 170KB)


Following the Global Han Couture Design Competition in previous three years, New Tang Dynasty Television (NTD Television)’s 4th Global Han Couture Design Competition continues the mission to spread the classical Chinese apparel culture around the world, and in the process promote the values of integrity and beauty it embodies.

Theme and Inspiration

Since ancient times, clothing has been associated with courteousness, and China has been known as “a country of politeness” for its apparel. The Competition is aimed at bringing out designs that are inspired by the depth and inner meaning of 5,000 years of Chinese apparel. It builds upon the ancient Chinese codes of conduct of benevolence, righteousness, courteousness, wisdom and loyalty, as well as the values of kindness and beauty, to reclaim the traditional Chinese apparel and etiquette culture.

Tang dynasty is the pinnacle of human culture. Its craftsmanship is fine and graceful, and has always been praised by later generations. The Han Couture Design does not simply copy the ancient Chinese clothing and accessories, but to design graceful, luxurious, elegant and beautiful fine clothing that can exhibit female gentleness and male strength, in reference to Tang, Song and Ming dynasty’s characteristics. Through a selective use of materials, color, accessories and techniques, the designs will allow modern people to appreciate the ancient’s demeanor.

Designs based on other ethnic groups such as the popular Hu clothes of Tang Dynasty, the Mongolian clothes of Yuan Dynasty, and the Manchu clothes of Qing Dynasty are not in the scope of this Han Couture Design competition.

  • The title and design of works submitted should carry no influence of the Chinese Communist Party culture.
  • Works submitted need not follow contemporary fashion trends; modern design elements or means of expression are not encouraged.

Contents and Requirements


  • Eligible contestants include Han couture designers or lovers, garment designers or fashion professionals such as designers, teachers and students in fashion schools, or freelance designers all over the world. There are no limitations to gender, age, occupation, education, nationality and ethnicity. A joint design work submitted cannot have more than two designers, and the chief and assistant designers should be clearly indicated

Work Submitted:

  • The work of this competition should mainly reference the Tang, Song and Ming Dynasties’ court or civilian Han dresses. Each contestant’s works can include outfits from different dynasties, or from one dynasty. The competition will focus on everyday clothes that are of high quality, not theatrical costumes.
  • Each contestant should submit 2 to 5 sets that are either for men and (or) for women. There is no limitation in terms of the number of sets for male vs. female.
  • Works must conform to the mission and theme set by the Competition. They need to be practical and have artistic value. Their fabric and craftsmanship must be of high quality. All garment designs submitted must be presented as sets, including, ideally, shoes, hats, accessories or hairstyles, etc. to create a holistic effect.
  • Works submitted must be original, never-before-published creations by the contestant(s), and they should be consistent with the design sketches.

Design Sketches:

  • 1) The contestant must submit one original hand or computer drawn color sketch (27 cm x 40 cm). The sketch must be the work of the contestant(s) and done primarily in a realistic approach. All works must be submitted in the order of appearance. No photos or copies of the works are accepted.
    2) Below the sketch, contestant(s) must indicate the dynasty from which the design is drawn, and attach fabric samples (8cm x 8cm).
    3) Information such as designer’s name, recommending institutions, and design ideas must not appear on the front of the sketch, but rather should be shown on the back of the sketch, at the bottom. On the upper left corner of the back of the sketch please stick the flat (plain picture) of the designs.
    4) Please refer to the bullet point No. 5  “Note of Design Sketches” in “FAQ” for the details of sketch format.

Registration Guideline:

  • Please fill out the Global Han Couture Design Competition Registration Form and Resume Form, which can be downloaded from the competition website. Please also submit two one-by-one inch color photos and a copy of your photo ID.

    1) Requirements: please fill out the Registration and Resume forms in Chinese and/or English, including professional experiences as well as the awards received. The handwriting should be neat and clear. (We suggest that the applicants download and fill out the forms on computer and print them out.) The applicant must personally sign the form. The design idea must be specified in less than 100 words. If it is a joint work, the chief and assistant designers should fill out the same Registration Form.

    2) Methods of Registration:
        - Online:
        - Email:
        - Telephone: 1-646-736-2988
        - Fax: 1-212-918-3479
        - Mailing address: 229 W. 28th Street, Suite 1200, New York, NY 10001, U.S.A. (Please address to “NTDTV Global Han Couture Design Competition Organization Committee”).

    3) Registration fee[Remark #1]: US$50. We accept credit cards, cash, traveler’s check or money order. Make your check payable to NEW TANG DYNASTY TELEVISION.

    4) Registered express mail charges: for applicant who need a United States visa, please indicate so on the Registration Form, and pay an additional US$35 fee for the registered express mail for the visa materials.

Remark [1]﹕ Under normal circumstances, applicant’s registration becomes valid only after he or she pays the registration fee. For applicants who cannot prepay the registration fee due to special difficulties, they are required to submit a formal written request to delay the payment of registration fee until time of competition. However, there will be a US$20 surcharge in such case.


  • The submitted sketches, registration form, and photos shall become the property of the Competition Organization Committee and shall not be returned. Applicants are advised to keep copies for themselves.
  • The audio/video/image copyrights of all submitted works belong to the Competition Organization Committee, which has the right to use the selected and award-winning designs (including submitted garments) for promotion, publication, exhibition and show purposes. Moreover, the Competition Organization Committee is entitled to the copyrights of all photos and videos of performing events and participating works. It also has the right to duplicate in any form the photos and videos for future promotional use. Institutions and individuals need to obtain the written approval from the Competition Organization Committee before they can use the submitted works for other show, exhibition, or publication. The submitted garments shall be returned after the competition. Award-winning garments including gold, silver, bronze medals and special award will be retained by the Committee.  The committee will obtain consent with the contestant(s) if it needs to retain other garments.
  • Works submitted must be exclusively for this competition and not copies of others’ designs. No pieces that have been published are allowed in the competition and no garments that are commercially available, including modified ones, can be used either. All violations will render the contestant ineligible upon discovery and be subject to the penalty of law; and awards will be nullified. Contestants shall be held solely responsible should the issue of intellectual property rights arise, and the Competition Organization Committee shall take no responsibility in any such disputes. Complaints should be reported to the Competition Organization Committee.
  • Contestants shall be responsible for the shipping and insurance of their works sent to the United States. The manufacturing and fabric cost of the works in the finals shall also be born by contestants. The Competition Organization Committee will exercise the utmost care in handling submitted works, but in case there is any damage or loss, the Committee shall not be held responsible. Please refer to the bullet point No. 6 “Suggestions on Packaging and Mailing” in “FAQ” for mailing issues.
  • Competition Organization Committee staff and their relatives are not eligible to participate in the competition in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Rules and Regulations of the Competition.

Competition Location

The competition (semi-finals, finals and award ceremony) will take place in New York City.
Metropolitan Pavilion
125 West 18th Street
New York, NY 10011

Competition Dates

  • Deadline for sketch(es) submission: January 15th, 2013.
  • Deadline for apparel submission: July 15th, 2013.
  • Semi-finals, Finals & Award Ceremony: Sept of 2013.

Assessments and Awards

  • Works submitted must meet content requirements and reflect the theme and mission set by the Competition Organization Committee. They have to be reflective of the concept of traditional Han couture culture. They have to emphasize the practical and artistic values of Han couture, and have originality as well. Materials and color must show the most reasonable and appropriate combination. Judges will focus on: style tradition, fabric excellence, color harmonization, and elegant craftsmanship.
  • One gold award, one silver award, one bronze award, four specialized awards (Award for the Tang Dynasty’s dress, Award for the Song Dynasty’s dress, Award for the Ming Dynasty’s dress, and Award for the special garment matching), and several outstanding awards.
  • There will be a US$10,000 reward for gold winner, US$5,000 for silver winner, US$3,000 for bronze winner, US$2,000 for each specialized award winner and US$500 for each outstanding award winner. All winners will receive certificates of awards and(or) trophies from NTDTV.
  • Other shortlisted contestants: NTDTV will issue shortlisted certificate for contestants who have works completed but did not receive any of the above awards, and running certificate for contestants whose works are not completed for some reason.

Accommodation and Transportation

  • The Competition Organization Committee will recommend hotels within the New York City for contestants and their entourage.
  • Contestants and their entourage shall pay for their own accommodation and transportation.


  • By registering to enter the competition, the contestant is regarded as agreeing with the rules and regulations of the competition.
  • The contestant is to comply with all arrangements made by the Competition Organization Committee. The Committee reserves the right to disqualify a contestant and rescind the award if the contestant is found in breach of the Committee’s arrangements.
  • The decision of the panel of judges is final, and no appeals shall be taken.
  • The Competition Organization Committee is the ultimate authority to interpret the rules of the competition and has the right to make changes in the Rules and Regulations of the Competition.

NTDTV Global Han Couture Design Competition Organization Committee

Created on July 20th, 2011
Updated on February 20th, 2012