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Shenyun Performing Arts World Tour

September 2013, New York, USA

2013 NTD’s 4th Global Han Couture Design Competition Winners

Category Main Designer Associate Designer Style of Dynasty Country
 Gold Award  Su-chih Chang    Song  TW
 Silver Award  Li-yu Wang  Mei Yun Tsai  Tang  TW
 Bronze Award  Lin-li-mei Tang  Li-Yun Lin  Song  TW
Special Award for Tang Dynasty's Dress  Shu-yun Li  Li Wang  Tang  PRC
 Special Award for Song Dynasty's Dress  Tou-ying Kao    Song  TW
 Special Award for Ming Dynasty's Dress  Ya-chi Chan    Ming  TW
 Award for Special Garment Matching  Hsiao-wei Lin    Ming  TW


Outstanding Awards

 Li-yu Wang  Mei Yun Tsai  Song  TW
 Su-chih Chang    Tang  TW
 Kun-ming Lee  Yao-Cheng Kan  Tang  TW
 Li-chuan Chen  Pi-Chu Tseng  Ming  TW
 Mei-ho Chen    Tang  TW
 Shui-chin Wu  Su-Chen Kuo  Song  TW
 Mei-chen Yeh    Ming  TW
 Robin Deng    Tang  USA

Please follow the model size below for your Han Couture production. Thanks again for your participation.
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